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Dear friend,

I just can’t bring myself to ever delete your number. Even if it’s not yours anymore. It’s been a year now since I’ve cut and today is just not good. I wish I could call you right now like you use to with me whenever you’re scared. I am trying so hard not to cave. So hard not to cut. Things have just sucked these last two months and they’re not getting better and I wish I could talk to you Molly. I really do. It has been years now since I’ve seen you. Years since I’ve talked to you. You still mean something to me. You always will. I will never remove this tattoo and it will never be covered up. It has been three years now since I’ve had it and to this day I do not regret it a single bit. Molly, I wish you could see this but a part of me is entirely scared you’d just get angrier and I’d push you away but that’s not what I want. I’m… I’m just expressing myself and saying you still mean something to me and I will always be there. Whenever you need me, wherever your life takes you I will never change my number and you can always call.

I miss you and I’m not saying I’m a different person or I’ve changed completely but I’ve grown up and I’ve learned from it all. I’m sorry it took me so long.

Much love,

"With the right music, you either forget everything or you remember everything."
-Unknown  (via natashakills)


i want a girl who wants to be my princess, someone i can spoil and kiss and stuff, a girl who is strong and smart and challenges me emotionally and intellectually and is a friend and a lover, ya feel me?



nothing will fuck you up as much as the realization that there’s no real reason the alphabet needs to be in order


 I am dying inside and no one can tell.


when you drop something but grab it before it hits the ground 


"I didn’t get over it, but I got used to it."
-Story of my life. (via melisica)